So i just got my new traynor ycv40 in today. i was messing around with it at fairly low volumes, for sake of not driving the neighbors mad, and i was also adjusting the EQ's, but i noticed that they appeared to be doing next to nothing.

am i not getting a response from my eq's because of a bad preamp tube or does it have to be turned up louder for there to be an audible difference? im no expert when it comes to tube amps, i know the basics
So you tried turning them all up to max and there was no difference?
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ya, turn it up a little more

yeah ill try that out tomorrow when its not midnight haha.
This might be a little stupid, but are you sure you're using the controls for the channel that you're using?

If you are, then wow, pretty unique problem you got there.
ok so today i went to take another look at it and heres what i found:

EQ's are working fine on channel 1, CHannel 2 (clean channel) EQ's not so much, and i turned the volume right up to about 12 o'clock.

what do you guys think?
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