I've been learning to play guitar for about three-four weeks now. Practicing a bit about every day. I've learned the majors C, D, E, A, F, G, as well as quite a few minor chords. I've also been practicing the Pentatonic Scale in A and E minor. Today I started working on learning to play a song, Hurt by Johnny Cash. I'm teaching myself at the moment so my question is, what would be important things to learn while teaching myself?
Make sure you're not learning things for the sake of learning them, but with the intention of applying them. It is also really useful to memorize the individual notes on the fretboard. With this knowledge, you'll be able to play different chord voicings in a heartbeat and you will be able to figure out the most efficient ways of playing riffs/licks once mastered. Additionally, it'll probably help you when learning new scales, going beyond just memorizing a simple shape or pattern in one position. Most of all, though, try to balance your guitar playing, don't make it a chore or it may lose its intrinsic value.
How well have you learned the scales? Thats what you should ask yourself. You need to completely understand the diatonic (major) scale in order to make your guitar progress easy and meaningful. Know the notes on every string, every fret. Then learn the scales in different keys on different numbers of strings. Knowing the standard positions is good to start, but break the scales down and start playing them, first on one string only, then on two, then three and so on. This way you will really know where to find the notes in a scale, as well as the particular sound you want.
Oh, and i forgot to mention, learn the scale in terms of intervals, not just memorizing a bunch of notes. That way you will be able to make relations on the guitar regardless of what key you may be in. I hope this helps.