I gots me a damien FR with emg HZ pickups....that means they are passive. I want to know whether I can get push-pull coils installed, seeing as how I love me some single coil. I wouldn't do it, I'd go to a tech FYI, but I just want to know if its possible
there are a few different kinds of HZ pick ups but i'm pretty sure they can all be coil tapped
dont go to a tech for a few simple solder joints, do it yourself and save $100....

Also, unless your a begginner get real EMGs....
There are EMGs (active) with coil tap, search their site. But another thing you may wanna know about is the EMG H and HA series, they are active single coil pickups in a humbucker housing....
I'm not buying new pickups I already have them in my guitar, and I'm going to a tech to get some rewiring done anyways (the input jack got messed up to hell and I can't plug in until its fixed) Thank you though, this is great news.
By the way, they are EMG HZ H4 and H4A to clarify.
i dont know whats wrong with your jack so im just going to say, buy a new stereo jack and solder the 3 wires to it, its not hard and will save you lots of money...
^ mono jack there passive so solder 2 wires to it =p
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I could but I have 0 soldering skills and don't have a soldering Iron....
not to mention all my knowledge of electricity is high school physics that I barely remember