Someone's probably going to give out a super obvious answer, but anyway, my floyd rose is stuck as if the tremolo bar was being pulled.
I'm not sure if it's the springs or if a part came out or what.
So, help please? :]
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So the bridge is being tilted into the body? You just need to adjust the springs in the back. Take off the cover, and then there should be two screws. Tighten or loosen them until the bridge is flush or parallel with the body. Do it slowly though...
I'm assuming you mean pulled up... There is too much tension pulling back on it. If you look in the trem cavity there are springs pulling on the sustain block. Loosen the screws or take out a spring. Chances are you changed string gauges to a lighter gauge or detuned the guitar.
(It took me forever to find my post. -_-)

Oh. They screw out...

Thanks guys. That seemed to fix it. :]
Monkey wants banana?