i will soon be putting emg 60 and 85s into my new jackson js30kv, i play rhythm guitar in my metal/hard rock band, and somtimes will have solos to play. i was told by a friend that i needed 2 install a battery cavity in it for the pick ups 2 work, and i occured 2 me, i need 2 research them, but this is probably the best place 2 start.

1) would the king v hav enough room for he battery cavity?
2) how much would they be?
3) r there a range out there, and if there are, wats the best and worst?
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1) It is possible that there is enough room in the control cavity without any modding needed to be done. Check to see if there's space
2) One comes with the pickups
3) See 2.

ok cheers

i had no idea about them