Hey guys, if you happen to have any one of these heads for sale then let me know and maybe we can work out a deal, my 5150 is being retired to studio use only so I need a new workhorse.

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Any interest in a Peavey JSX with KT77? The tubes have about 3 hours on them. It really changes the sound of the amp and makes it a ton more aggressive and tight.
I have a Laney VH100R I'm looking to get rid of. I'm living in an apartment and its far too loud. Its never been gigged with and I've never had the volume past 3. Its in very good condition.

I haven't really seen many of these for sale used, so I'm not too sure on the prices. Musician's Friend asks $1,679.00 new for these, and shipping would probably be around $60, so I'd be looking around $1000.
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I've got an H&K triamp MK1 that I'll let go for $1000 ppd with a flight case and brand new tubes. any interest?
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