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when I started out, I loved metal, and then I turned to shred when I first started, but as I have played, I started to have a deeper love for classic/hard rock, and classical music, and a slightly improved interest in jazz.

while I still like metal, I only can enjoy more complex forms of it. I can't sit and listen to nu-metal, marilyn manson, slipknot, disturbed or the like. When I think metal, the sounds/bands that come to mind are iron maiden, judas priest, dream theater, helloween, stuff like that. Stuff that took thought going into, and isnt just downtuned powerchords and screaming all the time. For instance I have a friend who claims to like the children of bodom Iron maiden covers better than the original, when in my opinion their recording contract shouldve been burned for the atrocity that it is. The music is actually quite good, but the singing (screaming rather) is horribly out of key with the instrumental -- far too high pitched, if it was deeper, it would be ok. but that prevents me from enjoying it.

anyone else feel that way? like all the stuff you used to think was awesome is just... crappy to you now, and developed a new taste?

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i've just grown to not care of what people think about my musical tastes anymore and listen to whatever sounds good to me, i'll listen to dragonforce (studio only, they still suck live), why? because it sounds good. i'll listen to slipknot, why? because they have catchy riffs, thats why. i've also begun to enjoy alot of classical music, and jazz music.

but i am still a shred guy through and through, and listen mostly to Gilbert, Buckethead and Macalpine.
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i don't think my tastes have changed much, i still love metal and blues but now i can appreciate classic rock more and i listen for the guitar in it and some of it's just amazing and creative which is such a great change from the radio crap that's out there today.
I liked Green Day and MCR when i first started, so yeah.

But mostly i just add more styles to those that i like. Ya know, metal went to rock, rock went to classic rock, classic rock went to punk, punk went to rockabilly... Ya know.
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i didnt know what shred guitar was before i started. Now i love it, and it is my goal to be able to play it
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formerly i was a ****in fan of heavy or thrash metal... now i moved to funk and jazzy style of playing...
I used to love the pop bands and rap etc. Then when i was introduced to the guitar my eyes were opened. Now I understand skill, talent, and meaning much better than i did before. I also think more creatively and open minded. Just from learning the guitar. It can change a lot.
Yeah I'm open to a lot more styles of music nowadays.
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they havent changed, i still like the same music i did when i started but i like MORE music now than when i started
Well I've been doing this music-making thing for about 5 years, so yeah... things have changed. I used to be very much into Sum 41, Senses Fail, Tiger Army, AFI and similar bands. Then I went through a million other phases until finally I arrived at where I am today--I hate just about everything. Haha, that's not completely true, but I just don't hear a whole lot that interests me anymore. There are still bands out there that can hold my attention for more than a few minutes (Murder by Death, Cursive, Death Cab for Cutie, and The Faint are some examples), but I just can't go out and buy new CDs every week like I used to. Not only because they're so goddamn expensive now, but there just aren't that many bands that I care enough about.
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become a huge jazz/fusion fan since i started on guitar. for a while after i got serious about guitar i only listened to technical music but now i've gone back to listening to anything i enjoy the sound of (which tends to often be technical).

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I've been getting into porn soundtracks lately.

No change there!
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i first listened to rock, but since getting into guitar i've got into all metal, and blues, i could have never pictured me doing that 3 years ago
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it just got me more and more into Technical death metal.
and less and less into ordinary metal.

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iron maiden is my favourite band and i still think the children of bodom cover of aces high is better than the original, what's the big deal about it?

on topic: i stoped listening to punk since i play guitar, but i think it was going to happen anyway
meh, i started guitar when i was 11, so i didnt really have any musical taste to speak of. eight years later, i still dont.
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my taste in music hasn't changed, just expanded

+1 with that.
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Yeah I used to be a massive "If it doesn't have 30 seconds of shred in it, it sucks" kinda fag, but now I don't care what the musicians do as long as it sounds good.
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my taste in music hasn't changed, just expanded

I may enjoy metal now..
But I still ocassionally enjoy some pop stuff

Only when I picked up guitar I enjoyed metal..
Nothing happened when I was learning piano
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while I still like metal, I only can enjoy more complex forms of it.

Then I can only feel sorry for you.

anyone else feel that way? like all the stuff you used to think was awesome is just... crappy to you now, and developed a new taste?

Nope. I still listen to everything I used to. I don't move on from music. I simply add on to my collection.
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my taste in music hasn't changed, just expanded

I concur. I only listened to MCR when I started with guitar; nowadays I listen to BTBAM, Coheed & Cambria, Meshuggah, Opeth, Smashing Pumpkins, MCR. Etc.

I still keep being in the same taste except some funky instrumentals but I don't see that as a change for me because it’s just like one or two instrumentals that we play.
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yeh my tastes changed but they were also changing before i was a musician
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I found that as i grow i move more to the calmer music and classical stuff.
Some hate him but I'm in love with Jack Johnson currently.
I learned to play because of Paramore, because - AT THE TIME - I thought they were so cool. As I got further into music though, I found their music simplistic and too easy to play, and overall dreadful, so I stopped listening.

Now, I only listen to good music - AC/DC, GnR, all that stuff.

Although I reserve my biggest love for Muse. I swear, those three keep me sane... I listen to Absolution, like, every night
well you can't really call me a musician, that would be too much of a compliment. However since I picked up my guitar and started focusing on it, my musical taste has expanded ALOT. When I started listening to metal, I began being able to pick different guitars and instruments apart and isolate them. All of which has made me love different types of music more. Classic melodic music, spanish guitars etc.

Now I just have to keep practicing till I one day can play what I want to. (jesus tits and monkey balls there a long journey for me).
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Yes, when I started I was in to pop-punk and punk, then bit by bit my tastes changed, but then again that could also be down to growing up, as I started when I was around 15/16.
playing music has made me appreciate more types of music, a quote I have from a friend that I think really sums it up for me "I now here music, and not just noise", I think that playing an instrument has made me appreciate things that are not the stereotypical drum guitar and bass setup.
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I used to listen to Green Day and Blink 182 as my main artists when I started to play guitar. I now listen to mostly Metal.
i used to like rap, pop, RnB and Rap back then, now i hate it, now im really into metal
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yeah, i used to like what everyone else liked, now i like whatever i listen to and makes my brain say "Yes! i like this!"
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I dunno, I've been a musician since before I can remember

Same here - but I do enjoy playing a lot of stuff that I would never listen to otherwise, and being a member of various bands/orchestras have given me the opportunity to play lots of stuff that I would never have been exposed to otherwise. So I guess it has broadened my musical taste in that sense.
When I first started I was 6, and played the piano. I got mum to buy me "so fresh" and other such pop compilation CD's.

When I was 10, I started to have a conscious decision, so to speak, in music. I liked music that wasn't just something I heard on TV. I liked pretty much all music except for techno or anything like it, country, classical, and metal.
Metal used to just be loud guitars, too much bass drum and screaming that didn't even almost sound like singing. Now I love Metal.

The only genres I don't like now are Country and Pop.
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