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I'm currently in the middle of pulling together the parts for a frankenstrat and have everything but a good humbucker to throw in it. I've heard that the best pickup to put in the frankenstrat is the Seymour Duncan 78 custom which supposedly SD and Eddie teamed up to make but something happened... I don't know what the whole deal with it is. The other suggestions I have heard of are the Seymour Duncan Seth Lover, The Seymour Duncan Custom Custom, The Seymour Duncan Custom, and the Seymour Duncan '59 PAF style.

I really don't know where to go from here. I know that hitting his sound dead on it practically impossible due to no one is Eddie except Eddie and that he changed his tone so often it's like chasing a jet powered chameleon through the rain forest. If anyone has suggestions on what the least expensive quality pickup that will get me in the ballpark of his tone then please do speak up! And if you have something that you would be willing to sell for a good price pm me

When I get all my parts ready for assembly and paint I will be sure to make a dedicated thread to my project. Thanks
I remember there was something on GFS that a lot of people were saying is really good....

EDIT: The guy below me has his **** down. There's your EVH sound.
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I'm almost a little scared of the VEH cus its an "Extra hot" which truthfully isn't really what eddie used. He used a low output in his early stuff
High Order makes an alnico II asymmetric wind that supposedly nails EVH tones. Wound to something around 7.5k/8.5k. Not entirely sure, you may want to check the website.

Given of course that you already have the '68 Marshall plexi or similar amp, otherwise, going as deep as pickups to try to nail a sound is, in general, pretty much useless.
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there are no "EVH sounding" pickups really - only pickups that will contribute to a Van Halen tone in the correct situation.
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I would try these VEH ones, but if they dont work it was only $40.
Now if you really want to get serious you can buy the one that is in the $25000 Frankenstrat replica
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I'm almost a little scared of the VEH cus its an "Extra hot" which truthfully isn't really what eddie used. He used a low output in his early stuff

I just got one of these pickups and they're really pretty good for the price. The "Extra Hot" just means hotter than a Vintage pickup but they're not that hot really. They are 11 and Hot pickups these days are usually around 16. I'll post again with a better review after I play it some more.
wow those GFS pups are cheap! **** I just found a new part supplier well I guess theres no harm in trying the GFS's so thanks. I'll try and pull together 40 since I already owe 160...
EVH Used the Humbucker from his Gibson ES-355.

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Eddie got hold of a PAF (Patent Applied For) pickup from his Gibson ES-335. He had the idea to dip the pickup in paraffin wax to reduce microphonic feedback, a technique that has since been employed by major guitar manufacturers such as Gibson.
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Actually eddie used so many different pups that the true pup he recorded with is a mystery. I have a feeling that nailing the brown sound is impossible
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EVH Used the Humbucker from his Gibson ES-355.

He rewound it though. Being from the ES-335 pretty much does nothing since he rewired his.

Honestly, TS, you'll need a modded, vintage marshall plexi to really get his tone... The pickups are just like sprinkles really... not as imperative as the amp.