I know this dude...had a feeling it was gonna be him. The reason why most shredders don't play with a soul is because they sold it
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Seen him before. Fucking annoying faces and sloppy playing on covers =/= 'soul'.

This is why you are my love.
I got halfway through and it's one of the most boring things I've ever heard. On the plus side, from the original post I was expecting to hear something with even worse tone where some teenager tries (and fails) to alternate and sweep pick at warp speed resulting in a mush of random sounds.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
It sounds like he's playing a psychedelic version of Pink Panther...guy is alright, I suppose. It's boring as hell though.
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boring as...and also, it annoys the **** out of me when people say a guitarist has soul. they have a ****ing sense of melody.
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When you look at a guy and immediately go, "wow, what a douchebag"

that is what girls find attractive.
this guy is ****ing sick, found on youtube

Do people collect ill people now? How sad.

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it's ****ing rare to see someone shred(4:20) and play with a soul

I suppose that is rare, guess he must be the devil himself if he's playing with a soul.

I'll just add that this guy is the definition of a guitar wanker, he has the face perfect. He actually looks like he's getting some sort of sexual pleasure from particularly high notes. I think this video needs to be marked as inappropriate for children.

Actually, scratch that, this guy looks like he's going through a relationship with his guitar.
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