Just made this very short demo of the Maxon OD808 to test out my new recording gear - I know it's very brief, but it got me thinking maybe I should do a few "demo" vids of pedals and such.

So basically, was the sound quality ok? In a more in-depth look, what would you want to see? Any suggestions?

I came.

Nice recording. Good sound quality. Really short like you mentioned.
Next time, try demoing some of the higher drive settings, as well as using it as a boost.
Also maybe show the entire range of the tone knob.
Maybe some rhythm next time....i've heard this has some nice harmonics.
Right, will do. I've decided that I'm going to do an in-depth demo of the OD808.

Structure-wise I'm thinking...

Sound Direct to Amp
Clean Bypass Sound through pedal (to show how great the buffer is)
On - Neutral Settings
Low Drive (Solo)
High Drive (Solo)
Low Drive (Rhythm)
High Drive (Rhythm)
Effect of Tone Control
Effect of Balance Control

Any other suggestions?

I was thinking - would people want to hear it through a solid state amp too? I'm not too sure given it's much more effective with a tube amp.
Damn. Sounds great.

Definitely try it through a solid state. Or just make more videos period of it.