Hey guys
i bought an ESP MH-50. it came with esp passive pickups. can some1 advise me how to upgrade the pickups to maybe EMG or equivalent. also should i take a passive or active pickup? if u want to know about my guitar, check it the review of ESP MH-50. i play metal, heavy rock and rock( GNR, iron maiden, AC/DC etc.)
Well first off, see if you really need actives, i.e. what amp are you playing through?
Most passives like dimarzio SD are easily able to handle metal.

Swapping pups is as simple as desoldering the current earth and active wires from your electronics, and soldering on new ones. Though you will have to do some unscrewing, etc.

I'll post up a wiring diagram as soon as i find it.

EDIT: http://www.seymourduncan.com/images/support/schematics/2h_2v_1t_3w.jpg off the seymour duncan website.
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