Hello my name is Cody Cass. I am 21 years young and currently living in Chattanooga Tennessee. I am a professional studio/touring artist and I am back in my hometown and seeking some band members for my new project. It is very mainstream, and very rocking. Just like most cd's, I enjoy having a mixture of music, so I have some soft/indie/heavy/alternative rock music. A mixture of all that. I have a few songs recorded, and am in the process of recording more as we speak. I work full time from my studio here with my drummer/roomate Micah Osborne. We have been in bands off and on for 3 years now so we are very strong together and know each other very well. We have professional studio/live gear, and professional talent. Here are some vids showing what we are capable of, and what we enjoy playing. If you want any songs, or anymore details please be sure to contact me at 423-244-1656 or codycass1@gmail.com for anymore questions or answers. We are looking for some very serisous/dedicated/drug free/ legit musicians to gather this band up with and hit the road. We are looking for a bassist that has tour ready gear and tons of stage and band experience. We are looking for someone who knows their bass like the back of their hand. Same goes to the 2nd guitar player. Someone who has tour ready gear, and has alot of knowledge of his axe. Knows scales, techniques, and most importantly, has a very creative and very strong song writing ability. There are alot of amazing guitarists out there but very few amazing song writers. Think simple, but very effective with us. Also most importantly, The vocalist. We need someone with a very strong voice, and mature with a good range. Someone who has a catchy tone, and can song write with the best of them. Someone who has catchy melodies with heart-felt lyrics. Preferably someone who knows their scales, and knows what key they are in. Much easier to write with. Also be dedicated to move to where our studio is. You can move in here and live comfortably. Provided a bed, alot of food, and anything else needed. Must be 18+. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

www.myspace.com/codycass1 | (423)244-1656 | codycass1@gmail.com | http://www,youtube.com/codycass1
I would love to join you guys as I have the same type of commitment and drive. I have the abilities as well. Check my profile for songwriting. The distance really sucks as I cant just up and leave my son. Sounds like a dream come true but certaing stars arent aligning
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Im Brian 24 from New England but i have been thinking of moving down to that area. I have been performing for about fifteen years with one band or another and i have the drive and tallent to complete your sound. As with everyone I am a work in progress but can pretty much play ANYTHING by ear and have decent improv skills. I am at a point where if necessary i could drop everything and go so. There has to be some money involved I know musicians are broke and thats fine just not poor lol. PM me if you want. Peace