this is an unfinished piece. I recorded it at 3 AM and I'm sick and I tried to sing it (say it really) with a slight Boston accent. hope you enjoy the lyrics to it. some of them are immature, but whatever, I'm not going to post for awhile so I thought I should just do it now.

recording on prof, all apoligies for the "yeah" at the beginning, I was trying to bide time while I refound the lyrics: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/%231+synth/

this song is for you

this song is for the alcohol
that was molding in their stomachs
the drink that would one day come out as me

This song is for my mother
Who laid next to my father and said
“take me” yeah, I’m ready

this song is for my father
and for the pills that made him normal
during the daylight hours
when he played around with me

this song is for the swingset in New Hampshire
for the kids still swinging there
the kids still pumping their feet
and being pushed by their loved ones
or at least the ones that promise to
always care

this song is for the Maramack Hospital
for having adequate staffing when I needed them to
and for the powdered breast milk they fed me
when my parents fought in the delivery room

and this song is for the cigarettes
that I find myself smoking
and for the jimmy bean and cheap tequila
that they said will clean my head
one day, one day
my head will be clean, I promise

this song is for school dances
the ones you’ll find in college
where you can take a girl back to your room
and love her completely, and compliment her
on how slim her stomach is
and how good her touch makes you feel
and then leave her in the morning and never talk to her again

this song is for the atom smashing scare
when they failed to recreate the big bang in a tube
though I sincerely think they should say sorry
for getting my hopes up

this song is for the day my father left
when he hid a toy truck underneath my bed
it had a remote control and batteries included
I never saw the note he left
and I never really cared

this song is for the psychiatrist
whose sessions I don’t remember
for the candy his secretary gave me
for the questions he asked that I couldn’t answer
and that I still cant answer
and that I will never be able to answer

this song is for the shooting stars
that I watched with a man I didn’t recognize
that I will always watch with a man I don’t recognize
and for the glint I pretend made up his eyes

this song is for the necklace my mother bought me
when we were in Istanbul
and for the way it feels in water
and for the world it means to me

this song is for the night when I broke that necklace
accidentally with the same fists that tied it on
for the breaths I spent whispering
ineffable words

this song is for the Oregon nighttime
when I can secretly rest my head on the carpet and cry
and when I can look into near absolute darkness
and pretend to see faces wish death on a man
I don’t even know is alive

this song is for the families
who sleep in the same house
and for their children
who never have to live up to a standard
created by a black hole

this song is for those blessed with normal hormone levels
and have all the right neuro-transmitters firing
correctly, at all times

this song is for the middle schoolers who are having their first kiss tonight
playing truth or dare in someone’s loft
this song is for the one chord that makes it

this song is for the lives people have, and the lives people throw away
and the lives we grow up in and the lives we hate
and the fact that every life is here to stay.

and this song is for the person who saved me from myself
loved me completely
and was still there in the morning

God damn,
I ****ing love her
"I'm not going to post for awhile"

I love the brutal honesty here.

(I didn't listen to it, but I read it)
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Unfinished? Bloody hell! It's huge lol, but yeah the honesty is good, it doesn't sound rushed either, some of the songs on here do. It's good well done c4c please
I defecate all over my clothes to get extra protected
Roses are Red
Violets are Bitchin
God Dammit Woman
Get Back in the Kitchen
It's pretty good. Cute, quaint.

But they didn't fail to recreate the big bang-- they haven't even tried yet. Besides, it's just supposed to simulate the conditions for an extremely narrow period of time.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

i liked it when i read it, and then i listened to it.
... that was meh.
i didn't like "this song is for the one chord that makes it"... at least not in the sense that the song only had one chord. if it was more like the one chord that finds success, that resounds better with me.
your narrative style is excellent.
This song is your life? And its ****ing incredible. Great man. I'd love to hear this, with something like the Hallelujah guitar part in the background. Kudosssss.
Once We Were Anarchists
Hey! Just want to say I've been a member on here for a while but hardly post But, I read this and totally connected with it instantly. Normally I would log on here and analyze a bit more and chip in with my ideas but here, I really want to thank you for writing this! Lyrically I have a real understanding for this song. The mention of shooting stars totally got me, I got really nostalgic reading this, most of the things you talk about here I can truly feel, it's just raw emotion; I can really connect things I've felt recently to this piece of writing. I can't say I've experienced everything you have, but I somehow connect to the words you've written. I wish I could express myself this way without getting over complicated and abstract. As for the recording, I didn't like it on first listen, but after a while I just understood the whole thing a bit more.
Again, thanks for writing this, I needed to read something like it. Keep it up!
Re-read... still wow. Man, it reminds me of King Of Carrott Flowers by Neutral Milk Hotel, and I love that song too. This one possibly MORE.

Just... seems to hit home in a lot of ways, all the events... but, its tied together by this 'this song is for'... which seems to create a sense of selflessness, even with all the personal tragedies.
Once We Were Anarchists
Well I can't hear the recording =| It's to quiet, all I hear is mumbling loll.

But when I read it, it was really good o:! It's very to the point, and even if it's long it kind of add to it.. it's really interesting though, the way you described everything. so yeah great job (:
This is the most powerful and touching thing you have ever written. I never thought you had it in you. Must not listen to recording.
oh ****. let me rewrite that entire post properly. ****. let me apologise first, i had just woken up when i wrote it and...oh **** it. THis is what i meant to say:

This is the most powerful and touching thing you've ever written. I wasn't sure if you could write stuff like this. When i first started reading you it was all cynical and everything sort of got lost in detail and imagery. But this is just so honest and heartfelt, it really touched me.

"Must not listen to recording" should be "Must now listen to recording" massively horrible typo. Which I did. Unfortunately it was so quiet and my laptop speakers are quiet that i really couldn't hear anything.

i see no point in giving this a full crit but i might reread and see if there's a few little nitpicky things i can find.
very very good writing.
it gave me chills.
last time i had that feeling was when reading jim morrison's wilderness...
keep up the good work.
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'the ones you’ll find in college'
'colleges' would perhaps be stronger.
If that isn't nitpicking... well...

I'll listen to the recording when I'm home. Definately enjoyed the lyrics and will look more in to them later.

Your passing thoughts on the lyrics in my sig would be lovely if you have the time to read them.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
don't listen to the recording, I can't believe I posted it honestly, it's ****, but I think embodies the state of mind i was in when i wrote it.

one day i'll encapsulate desperation in a song and the readers of the world will love it
but i'll be so spent i'll die the next minute
not remembering why a celebration of desperation
would ever be more important than a celebration of life.

thank you guys for your kind words.