I decided to open up a thread for this cat. since there's barely much information or discussions about him anywhere. I myself wasn't aware of Ted Greene until I by chance ran into a video of his on youtube where he was doing a cover of "Autumn Leaves" at a guitar clinic.

Seeing someone take Joe Pass's approach to another level was quite eye-opening. For those of you who don't know about Ted Greene, I'd urge you'll to check him out. And if you guys find anything relevant about his music, style or lessons (he was respected as one of the best guitar teachers around), do post them on this thread.

I was reading a John McLaughlin interview earlier (interviewed by Robert Fripp!), and he threw out Ted Greene's name quite emphatically. I decided to create this thread now that I remembered this musical giant of a guitar player!

Here's the first taste of Ted Greene that I had: