I really like this model but I'm wondering if its worth the extra money for the ec-1000 (+AU$400), or is the only real difference the binding?
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I own an Ec-500 and it absolutely kicks ass, of course the 1000 is better in build quality etc.. I had the chance to buy a 1000 but I bought the 500 because to me it felt better to me
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In australia, we get raped for prices on ESP guitars. The prices of LTD's here are outrageous considering their quality and market level.
im pretty sure its only the binding,and the bridge,but you can replace it/leave it fro less then 400
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isnt the ec-500 like $1,500 over here :S?
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you dont just pay for hardware, you pay for quality. What you need to do, is play both guitars, and in fact, as many guitars as you can and make the choice for yourself.

In the end, you're the one that plays it, so there's no point in buying a guitar that we like. Buy the guitar you're the happiest with.
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