Hey guys. Looking for a Carvin V3 amp head and an Ernie Ball volume pedal. The pedal can either be broken or working. If it works, I'll use it, but honestly I just want the shell for the guts of a Wah that I have modded.

So if you have either, hit me up with an offer either in the thread or a PM. Thanks.
Quote by Roxor_Mc0wnage
seriously, no ernie ball volume pedals?

it takes a long time for stuff to happen on here.
I reckon it would take you at least 24 hours if you were looking for a thing. if your ad said something like "WTB: something. anything!" I don't think you'd get anything concrete for at least a day. When you start getting all specific like ernie ball etc etc is when it pushes you into weeks of waiting and hoping.

that said, I have an ernie ball volume pedal. pot needs to be cleaned but it's good other than that. what sort of munnys were you looking for?
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