My friend was in salt lake city and picked me up a guitar for 20$. I have not seen the guitar but he says it is in great condition and it says guitar research? my question to you guys is do you know what kinda guitar it could be? its red by the way
The only guitar company that I know of that uses "guitar research" is Schecter. But I highly doubt that it is a Schecter for $20. Unless he bought it off a crackhead. I'm interested on what it is though. Hit me up on my profile when you get it!
Looks like just cases and strings. Can you call your buddy and ask what brand it is? If it is a Schecter or not?
ya it probly sucks but i build guitars from different parts so if its got good electronics i can use it also he bought it from goodwill so im not excpecting it to be the greatest guitar in the world and it may be a shecter he thinks i will get theguitar saturday
Electronics are fun <3

^ Guy above me has two of the same guitars as me.
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hmmm well i guess i will wait and see what it is ill give him a call tonight maybe and then he can tell me if its a schecter or not i think it is
well i found what guitar it is sadly it is not a schecter it s a guitar called guitar research LG33. Its kinda cool 24 fret 3 switchs to turn on and off the pickups (which i may take off too put on my strat). And its worth 300$ and i got it for 20$ thanks for the help though guys
Not to be a killjoy but you can get the Guitar Research LG33 Starter pack at Sam Ash for like $110. Still more than $20 though so whatever.
OK I know this is an old thread but I'm looking for the name of this type of wiring set-up, for online info and such. 3 PUs- 3on/offs -1 master vol, one master tone. Any help I'd love. ty