Okay. I use a few pedals running straight to my amp. I'm just wondering what does an FX loop do? I know I can search online, but I want someone to dumb it down for me. Thanks!
You put modulated FX pedals in it, such as chorus, delay or flange to get better results than if you were to put them in the front of the amp.
EQs and noise gates can go in it too, but they're often used in the front of the amp.

It's essentially a spot inbetween your preamp and your poweramp.
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Amplifiers have two main parts in the signal chain, a pre-amplifier that takes very small level signals and amplifies them before passing them onto the power amplifier which amplifies these signals so they can drive speakers. The effects loop basically goes in between these two parts and is used for effects that would benefit from the controls in the pre-amp to fine tune the sound to the effects. What's important to remember is the effects that are used in the line in/out expect a fairly large signal in and don't normally amplify them much either before returning them to the amp. Guitar pedal however, expect small level signals and may amplify them more (Distortion, overdrive) before passing them onto the preamp input.
Therefore, it's not usually recommended that pedals go in the effects chain.
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