Ok. First off I own a LTD EC-500 and a Crate V-33 and I play indie/rock/alt.

The LTD is amazing for heavy stuff, I love it and it's looks, but the tone of the emgs is not for me, the lightly overdriven sounds make it sound like distortion, very harshly broken. And when I play it unplugged or plugged clean the E string sustain is like a $100 guitar(I have brand new Elixirs on). The sustian is not so cool.

I really love the look of the 72 Tele Deluxe and I played a 500 dollar tele on my amp and it sounded amazing. Its $100 dollars more, but that doesn't mean it's better right?

Does that sound like what I need? Would I be happy with it? I want a warm bright tone. And Humbuckers/maybe single coils.

I really don't know how to achieve the tone I want so I wanted to ask you guys...Thanks!
i dotn really understand...can you do a recap?
i get that u have a ec 500 and a V-33
you dont like the hevieness of the sound and sustain right?
just upgrade the bridge to the TOM.
a new guitar wont really help you out.
buy new pickups,the ec 500 is more of a metal guitar
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
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