ok so i have a gibson explorer faded...i plan on installing and EMG 81 and 85 but i needa figure out in wich position i want them in...I know metallica has the 81 in the bridge which sounds good. But then you have Killswitch Engage.....good band AMAZING guitar tone. And they use the 85 in the bridge....my problem is i play in mostly standard and only once in awhile i down tune. Does anyone know if the 85 would sound like crap in standard tuning. Any tips?
umm metallica is like always in standard,pickps cant be biased to 1 tuning,just do it liek the ESP guitars are
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I don't have tghe 81/85 combo but I have played that combo. I currently use the 81/60 combo in my ESP EC.

I can tell that the most notable difference to my ears between the 81 and 85 is that the 85 has more of a midrange not as much high-end treble as the 81. The 85 sounds smoother in a sense. Another band that switches the position of the 81/85 is Shadows Fall so that's another example of the type of sound, but remember that the pickups don't determine the sound as much as the type of amp you use does.

Hope that helps.
no i understand the amp makes the biggest difference i just needa talk to someone who has actually had an 85 in the bridge
and metallica plays in quite a few different tunings actually...they play in E standard standard down a half step,standard down a full step,drop c,drop d
you cant just swap the emg s around using the quick connect cables so try both its not that much hasle changing them round im sure
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