I'm not sure which forum is best for this. but i thought it would work here

I'm teaching my first lesson today, a no experience beginner.

any suggestions on what to cover first? i was gonna go over the parts of the guitar, the tuning and how to tune, and then maybe how to read chord diagrams

anything I'm forgetting?
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maybe find out what he wants to be able to play? nice avitar by the way lol
she actually.

ex girlfriend. :p

yeah. I'm gonna ask her what her 1 year goal is as far as guitar playing and kinda design what to teach around that.

but as far as the first half an hour goes its pretty basic.
I play bass!
When I started teaching I pretty much had the same approach. I wrote up a small booklet and a few lessons on power tab, giving one to each of the students. In the tabs I had the chromatic scale as well as a couple arrangements of songs that I thought they would like (beginners that always seemed to be popular were jingle bells, super mario, and star wars, with sweet home alabama definitely being the biggest after they started moving along). Now while I had warm up exercises such as the chromatic scale I didn't necessarily go over them, or at the most a brief explanation, in the first class as I wanted to retain their attention. The biggest thing for me was asking them what they wanted to learn and going from there. Try and do a survey the first class and then write out simple versions of their chosen songs (tailored to each individuals skill level) for the second time they come in. Some students are happy to learn chords while others want some more instant gratification, particularly if they are younger and/or are developing more slowly, so try and keep them interested with main sections of their favourite catchy tunes and slowly bring in the warm ups and theory as they go.

Oh, and put explanations of each tab, such as fingerings, in your booklet. I find a good thing to explain in the first lesson or two is how to read tabs as well as the more pro active students are likely to branch off on their own and then bring back tabs of songs they find for you to teach later on.
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Don't get too technical at first. Tuning, open chords, power chords, and simple single-note melodies are the way to start. Also, it's very important to dedicate at least some time to songs that the student actually wants to play.