Okay ... like many before me, I have been confused and unsure of what amp to purchase with hard earned cash! Okay, I really want a stack; this is a need (I don't want any complaints or questions on why i want a stack please).


I am a lead guitarist, I play mostly punk rock but I play mostly every type of rock-related thing, even metal!

I want some nice cleans and some nice distortion but I will be using pedals!

This amp must be loud enough to be heard super-clear in a gig of about 400-600 people.

I have 500 pounds (700 dollars, roughly) to spend on both the head and the cabinet.
At that price? Maybe an Epiphone So Cal stack (I don't know how much they are for you, but that at least sounds like your sort of thing) or a Randall RH50T head with whatever cabinet.

Seriously, I'm all for half stacks but at your budget, you can do better with a combo.
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Used Peavey Ultra and used cabs

New Peavey Windsor and used cabs

And thats all I can really think of since combos and half stacks are out of the picture...

half stacks are ok
keep saving
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I really want a stack; this is a need ...

I want some nice cleans and some nice distortion but I will be using pedals!

So you don't NEED cleans and nice distortion.... just want.

That should be easy.
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I have a Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 - I picked it up for $799.00 (US). It is pretty much a clean slate if you are going to use pedals. I put it against a Randal T2 half stack at practice and at gigs with no problems.
Well since you're playing mostly punk (like me), you just need reliability. And decent gain. So you should be able to find a good half stack at your budget. Punk doesn't need to have the perfect sound, its meant to sound gritty. I like to go with a NOFX/Pennywise sound right now and my Randall does it for me. Although I'm in the market for a tube amp and I'm looking at the Bugera 333XL or the Peavey Windsor since I never play a clean channel