Hey all, I've been trying to learn guitar for about 6 months now, and I'm still having issues switching chords. I know the basic chords by memory, I have a good grasp of how to construct chords (from playing piano), I just still struggle to keep rhythm because my dexterity just isn't up to snuff. A good example of this is when I ever I switch to a G, it's like a 2 step process. I get my ring & pinky finger in place, and then my index finger and middle. I'm having a hard time making it all happen in one motion.

Is the key to just sit there and go back & forth from chord to chord? Are there some finger exercises I can do to get my fingers working more independently?

go back & forth from chord to chord

that's the key

training indiviual fingers is never waste, but not really neccesery for chords
Basically sit and go back and forth. It's boring, but you'll get it before long.
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this is just an option, some might call it an easy way out but maybe play an alternate form of the chord, like with the G play G5. The x's are muted strings, just let your finger on strings 2 and 6 hang over a bit to stop 1 and 5 from ringing.
Or play the G with 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers. Makes switching to and from C much easier.
Just like Piano, you don't have to play all the notes in the chord at the same time. You can play the top notes first if you are upstroking, or the bottom notes first if you are downstroking. Or play just the top or bottom notes.
While playing one chord, visualize yourself switching to the next one, where all your fingers are going to go, then switch. I recommend to start with a C maj chord and switch to E maj. Then D to F is where it's at, haha.