Okay. A happy, upbeat song, much like my other one, Destory The Toilet, with lots of heavy parts. I dig it. I was wondering what improvements I could make to it. Also, it's be cool if you could check out my other song, it's in my siggy.
Chillin' At The Mixtable.zip
Hey, I really enjoyed this song. I think the intro could be a little better, i think harmonizing a part of it would sound good. I loved the part beginning at bar 21, i think it adds a really nice feel and it definitely got my head bobbing. Another part that I really like was at bar 69 it really caught my attention and it had good dissonance The bridge was excellent and it had a great transition out of it. There was one thing I didn't like though, the lack of riffs sort of made it feel like it was dragging on, but i think vocals would sure make up for that.

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