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8 67%
4 33%
Voters: 12.
What is this NHL you speak of?

kidding, of course.
but does anyone actually care?
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so overrated

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Quote by tancanada
What is this NHL you speak of?

kidding, of course.
but does anyone actually care?

Yeah people do, UG has a lot of canadians.

But really the East is superior.
The North American Allstars of course!

/NHL game reference = pwnage.

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Quote by Awaken
so overrated

in the states, they barely know what hockey IS...

and i think it'll be the east, just because they have more guys that already play together on their regular teams... damn nerd-voters and their millions of montreal votes.
LOL Hockey.
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I'll say East. I like watching the skills competition better than the actual game though. All the players look like they're actually having a good time. Last year I saw Kaberle win the accuracy contest and he had a grin on the entire time. I think it was nice for him to be playing with GOOD players instead of the Leafs. Although they are still my favourite team!
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