I have been looking at the online music dealers in search of a portable practice amp. I have a Fender '57 Mini Twin Amp which is very small and portable, but would like something with a little better sound. I would like it to be able to run on batteries and it would be nice if it also came with an AC adapter.
The following 3 are ones I have found:
Roland Microcube
Vox DA5
Line 6 Micro Spider

What can you tell me about these? They are with $15 or so of each other, so the price doesn't matter. Are there others that you would recommend?
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I have the da5 and love it. I mostly use the clean 2 setting and one of the distortion models but great little amp. A lot of people have the microcube and rave about it as well. Never heard anyone talk about the microspider at all fwiw.
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go with a micro cube or DA5

micro spider=worthless paper weight
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