i understand levels i will have to exp around a little bit
but when many pedals are connected i wondered
if theres a certain order tha best helps the sound of the guitar

the types i have are
whammy - digitech
wah - weeping demon
flanger - boss
accoustic - boss
distortion - metalcore

so yeah any hints as if there is a good order to make
the best possible sound would help
You will want the wah before the distortion (not necessarily right before) or you will get a cat in a woodchipper like tone. That is the main issue the others I would just experiment with and see what you like.
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I have a lot of similar pedals, and I`ve noticed the order does affect the sound. I have a set order that I put them in that sounds good to me:


That`s pretty much what works for me, I have a delay pedal on either end and an envelope filter between the wah and the flanger, but I don`t think they affect it much.
I don`t have an acoustic sim pedal, so I dont know where that`d go, I`d assume either between the whammy and the dist, or at the very end. Hope that helps.
for a little noise feedback i get, would it be best to invest money into an eq or noise gate
also what pedal is it so it allows the note to hold longer n eventually squeel from the amp such as opening distorted solo in heart bursts into fire
Claudman's suggestion would be the most common way to do it.

The way to reason it is like this:

The signal is being flanged and then delayed, so the delayed sounds are exact copies of the original note.


The signal is being delayed then flanged. So the delayed sounds will sound different from the sound they are copying because they will be affected at a different stage in the flanger's sweep.

Generally speaking, the later an effect occurs in the chain, the more prominent it will be. A subtle chorus in front of a high-gain distortion will just get drowned out.

Led man, a lot of guitarists put their wah after distortion. That used to be the normal way to do it in fact.

By the way, that's an unusual combination of effects. A metal core and an acoustic simulator?
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but i like the jumbo guitar sound the acoustic gives