I really screwed up guys. I was changing the strings on my electric guitar and decided to wipe it down with a damp cloth. Well, while I was doing this I decided to also tighten all the screws in the body down, because I like to take really good care of my equipment. Well, i was tightening down the screws and got to the screws around the pickups...well, long story short I ended up loosening the pickups and they popped down inside the body. I have the pins and springs, I just dont know how to get that damn spring in the right place so I can tighten the screw...I really need help here guys!!

I have an Ibanez GRX20Z, with 2 humbucker pickups.

Here is a picture of it if it helps...

Please help me guys...this is my baby!

PS. I named her the "Metal Master"
You need to take off the pickguard - remove all the strings first. Then, put the screw so that it is going THROUGH the spring on the other side of the pickguard, and then into the pickup screw-hole. Tighten (Not too tight), then do the other side; then tighten up to required height.

Try to remember next time; Righty tighty, Lefty loosy
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No you can leave that attached, but remove the pickguard. If the other pickup is fine, don't fiddle with it, it's alright.

You don't need to loosen anything on the top to take the pickguard off, but when you pull it up, be gentle, and STOP pulling if you feel strain; it could be wires about to be pulled off the ground or jack. I.e. don't pull it up too high, you could damage the joints/wires.

Then do the tightening; if only one side of the pickup has dropped down, you might need to loosen the other side to get the spring in(try to not let it fall through). Another thing to watch out for is not to tighten the screw too tightly into the pickup.
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Yep, close enough to get some chunk, far enough to retain definition and sustain. If the pickups are too close you'll get a wavering wobbly sound when you play a note higher up on the neck.