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I recently received a gift of a DigiTech RP350.

However, I notice in most of the guitar stores I visit they really push the single individual pedals - on display everywhere, etc.

Is there a difference between what I have/multi-processor and a single pedal, such as chorus? Just seems odd that everyone wouldnt have the 'everything' pedal and instead opt for a pedal for each effect they want, unless there's a huge difference....
usually it comes down to single pedals being analog and multieffects being digital.
analog effects seem to give a more pure sound then the digitaleffects offer more range in tone

its almost like the decision between a tube amp and a solid state amp... the tone is a little more pure
Some companys may be bad at somethings, for example the chorus on the multi FX pedal may be **** and you might not like the wah etc. with individual pedals you can pick the pedal that fits your sound perfectly and stick it on a pedal board.
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Ahhh! Ok... makes total sense. For a n00b, the multi pedal rocks... for the experienced, a specific brand pedal will have a different sound, though it's still a 'chorus' pedal.
I have an RP250 and individual pedals.
This topic comes up every other day.
Single pedals today are not always analog, there are plenty that are digital.
If you know the 2 or 3 effects you want then it is advised to get them seperately if you have the cash
If you do not know exactly what you want and do not have the cash for a bunch of pedals, then Multi-FX pedals are a good thing to get started on. Lots of them have headphone, USB, software, and downloadable presets which are nice.

my 2 cents
The flexibility of single effects makes them more desirable than most multieffect units.

With single effects, I can turn the Tubescreamer on and off whenever I need it. I don't need to pop to a different patch to turn off one particular effect. Another big reason for single effects is the mix and match aspect. I like the Ibanez tubescreamer, the EH Phase 90, Dunlop Crybaby and Rocktron Banshee plus a couple others all in my chain. I am not a fan of every effect made by any one manufaturer. There are also certain effects I like to place before the amp and others (time based effects) I like in the effects loops. Single effects give me that flexibility.

That said, I really like the RP500. It has a pedal board mode where you can create a preset and still be able to switch the individual effects on and off. To me that is almost the best of both worlds. I just wish there was a way to patch part of it through the effects loop and part through the input.
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Ahhh! Ok... makes total sense. For a n00b, the multi pedal rocks... for the experienced, a specific brand pedal will have a different sound, though it's still a 'chorus' pedal.

And then there are rigs which utilize pedals AND rack gear.

Saying a chorus is a chorus is like saying a car is a car... which is correct BUT when talking to someone who is interested in more than just getting from point A to point B, perhaps a Yugo isn't as interesting as a Lamborghini Murcielago, or someone who needs to haul a lot of cargo from point A to point B neither the Lambo nor the Yugo will be the best selection.
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Multi EFX pedalboards are modelled after single effect pedals. Therefore losing the quality of single efxs.
It comes down to portability versus customization. Single effects let you build the board up slowly. With multi-effects, it's all in one go. Single lets you nitpick about what sort of sound you want for each type of effect. Multi gives you more effects in a smaller space.

Most people who get multi-effects units don't spend enough money on them. Hence the argument that they don't sound as good. You should be spending as much on your multi-effects unit as you would on 5-7 single pedals, or approximately the same amount on your board as you do on your guitar/amp. So a $400 multi-effects board is the equivalent of building a small board made out of individual Boss or Digitech pedals.
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I had the RP350 and switched to individual analog pedals and realized how much digital effects pedals sucked your tone. What amp do you have?