Nostalgic Rage Productions Team Open for New Members

Nostalgic Rage is a team I put together on youtube to promote users who do things like:
guitar lessons
gear reviews
let's plays (video games)
Reviews (games, guitars, movies, books, ect.)
lessons (anything else like tutorials with guitar and other software)
Rants (Talk about something on your mind)
Parody's (make fun of someone or something for comedy)
Youtube Poops (randomness galore lol)

I need all of these, we already have some pretty big names so you be on a real team. I need members to help this team get going a little bit more. We do have requirements though:

-AIM Messenger (For conferences we have, and easy communication)
-A video to show as a demo
-Maturity (like that's going to happen...)
-HyperCam or other Screen capture device (for videos of games on Emulators)
-A general knowledge of how to make videos with a video editor (WMM, Sony Vegas, Premiere, whatever u have)
-An established account with at least 30 subs (this is so we can count on you to be established and not a freeloader)

Thats all, plz message me on youtube if you want to know more or join.

ravenrage07 - youtube
NostalgicRageHQ - Team Page
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