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Can anyone suggest any suitably epic and or moody soundtracks to me? Been likin' 28 Weeks later one, and the whole post-metally feel to some of it.

Any ideas?
Pulp Fiction has a great soundtrack
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yhe pulp fiction soundtrack is awesome. also once upon a time in mexico has a good guitar soundtrack. planet terror also does. in fact most films by tarantino or rodriquez rule in terms of soundtrack. i believe slash did some music for a tarantino film but cant remember which one
star wars
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commandos 2 soundtrack... epic stuff, really
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IIIIfb * KARKOLI * ytIIII(mostly rock... a little funky, a little hard just the way you want it )
Top Gun!
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Almost any Rhapsody release.

Actually the band changed its name to Rhapsody of Fire.
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Judgement Night, The Crow & Tales from the Crypt - Demon Knight
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I made a thread on this a while back but it never really took off, most probably because I didn't include much on the first post but I've actually written a decent review of this on another forum just now so I've deleted the age-old post and I'm starting again from scratch. I'm just going to copy and pasta what I wrote on the other forum. It's a long thread but I really think it deserves it.

I'm going to write a movie recommendations but I'm willing to bet most of you already know of it - just haven't seen it :p. I am of course referring to Infernal Affairs, of which The Departed (Scorsese film ft. Matt Damon and Dicaprio) remade it. The original is a Chinese Trilogy that won Best Movie in Hong Kong and subsequently, the biggest selling movie of all time in Asia with 2 of the biggest stars to come out of Hong Kong (asides from Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee). The original surpasses the remake by miles and all the comedy theatrics present in the latter are no where to be seen in Infernal Affairs. To those of you who have never seen The Departed - don't, not until you've watch the original or, after having watched the Full Trilogy, don't ruin the genuis and complex script by being disappointed at the Scorsese film.

The Plot of Infernal Affairs One
The basic plot for Infernal Affairs is extremely simple to begin with but so complex as you watch through the Trilogy that makes it so much more complex - as well as completely adding to the "wow" factor that this was someone's genuis script. There is an undercover cop in the triads (Yan as played by Tony Leung) and a triad mole in the police force (Lau as played by Andy Lau). Throughout the film both come close to revealing the other's identity whilst desperately trying to keeps their own tracks concealed. The pressure continues to build on both protagonists under the scrutiny of their bosses and loved ones.

Trailer for Infernal Affairs

I can't go onto the plots for Infernal Affairs II or III because it does ruin Infernal Affairs I. Every store should have the trilogy and I'm so ashamed that it never really lifted in the US - although it was remade into The Departed, which went onto receive many Grammy Nominations. Scorsese has continuously insisted it is not his script and gives full credit to the original film as well as correcting the mistaken assumption that the film is Japanese (which it actually is Chinese, being produced and directed in Hong Kong).

This, along with Chungking Express (previously recommended by me if you search UG), are the biggest films ever in Asian Cinema.

The two protagonists are played by Tony Leung and Andy Lau. Tony Leung also is the main protagonist in Chungking Express (as the Cop in the Second Story). Their prespective love interests are big time female music idols in Hong Kong - Sammi Cheng and Kelly Chen. Andy Lau and Tony Leung are also very big in the music business, with the former being the most prominent out of them all. You may recognise Andy Lau as the main character in the mainland China film, House of Flying Daggers.

Infernal Affairs II - is about the events before Infernal Affairs unfolded and how they became to be where they are.
Infernal Affairs III - is about the events after Infernal Affairs

Both these films star the original characters into more depth and alternate between the past and present. All I'll say is that the trilogy is very complex that you really have to pay attention to everything that goes on otherwise you won't understand it. It's not one of them really confusing movies that you don't understand at all (Vanilla Sky anyone? ) but once you understand it, it'll be in your heart forever.

Watch the originals now before The Departed II and III comes out! The Departed II is in the process of being made!! Don't spoil the originals!

Some screens are given from left to right: The first picture shows Andy Lau (as played by Matt Damon) with Sammi Cheng. The Second picture shows Eric Tsang (as played by Jack Nicholson). The third picture shows Anthony Wong (as played by Martin Sheen) and Tony Leung (as played by Dicaprio). The Fourth picture shows Kelly Chen and Tony Leung. The Fifth pictures shows both Andy Lau and Tony Leung.

The Departed missed out so many crucial factors which were important in Infernal Affairs. Infernal Affairs also featured more characters, which becomes really important as you shall see later on in the II and III.

For those of you who have already seen The Departed, here are the trailers for II and III, although I strongly recommend that you do not watch them if you haven't seen The Departed. It really does ruin the main film.

Infernal Affairs II
Infernal Affairs III

The film has the best acting that I have ever seen in a film. They are available in all stores, internationally - HMV, Amazon etc etc. Unlike most sequels and prequels, the film gets better. This trilogy is frequently called the Asian "Godfather" but I still think this movie is better...

I'm copying and pasta the review I wrote a long time ago with all the trailer clips. Each trailer features a different soundtrack that is just too awesome to miss out. Get the soundtrack to it but also watch the movies!
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon The Movie Filmed For Theaters!

Great mix of Metal tracks and Hip-Hop tracks (good Hip-Hop)
Natural Born Killers
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Lord of the Rings - Howard Shore

Best soundtrack there is.
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i always liked the music in the bourne movies too
and the mission impossible series

also star wars and bladerunner
both epic soundtracks
Top lel.
Conan the ****ING Barbarian! Best soundtrack ever.
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Back to the future
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Pulp Fiction has a great soundtrack

Great =/= epic. Pulp Fiction's music is far from epic.
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i cant believe noone said maximum overdrive. the movie was kinda meh but ac/dc did the entire soundtrack for the movie. they released it as their own cd, who made who
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forest gump, the dark knight, most tarantino movies, the big lebowski, oh brother where art thou, requieum for a dream.
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good god yes. amazing
Last Of The Mohicans, By Trevor Jones is simply amazing.

Lord of the Rings Soundtrack is pretty impressive too.

And all of Hanz Zimmers soundtrack are somthing to look out for.
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Requiem for a Dream
Friday Night Lights (yes, it's a football movie, but Explosions in the Sky did the soundtrack)

First two that came to mind.
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Forrest gump and dazed and confused.
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Iron Man, its surprisingly good
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