I was wondering if any has experimented with modifying a VK 212 (or even a similar combo amp) to enclose the back of the cabinet? I know that many combo amps and extension cabinets have 1/2 or 3/4 closed back, and I wonder how much this improves the low end thump & tightness.... or does a cabinet need to be 100% enclosed and sealed tight to really make a noticable difference compared to an open back? I don't think there is enough space to mount a divider just under the head portion to seperate it from the cab, but I could be wrong. It would be easy though to enclose the back of the 212 up to the metal tube guard which would make it mostly enclosed, and it looks like it might even be possible to extend the enclosure back 1 or 2 inches to make the cabinet deeper. The deeper cab option wouldn't look pretty, but I could care less what the back of the amp looks like as long as it improves the sound. Some of you might tell me to just get a closed back extension cabinet, and I'm already planning on doing that for a future upgrade. I just want to get the best sound out of my combo for now, especially since I just upgraded the speakers to Warehouse Retro 30's, and they sound great.
I just put my amp up against a wall leaving a little space between the back and the wall (it's a fender twin reverb) and it makes it a lot more boomy and full, it's something you could try for the mean while but I don't know how closing the back would actually effect yoru sound.
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The amp is big and shallow - difficult to make closed back - the back will vibrate at high volume - if you close it off enought to get more bass. Use a strong piece of plywood and brace it.

Mine is a VK112 tuned to about 125HZ. Overheating isn't a problem if you leave some space for circulation.

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