I need some kind of multi track recorder to record my guitar stuff on. It'll mainly be just me layering tracks so it doesnt really have to cope with like a full band situation. Then I need to upload what I've done there, and then I've got other stuff I can edit songs with, so that's all covered. But yeh.....A RECORDING DEVICE!!

I've got about £250 / $360.

have a look through riffs and recordings. There are lots of good USB recorders, if its going into a computer you need a good sound card too
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Somthing like the Mbox Mini would be perfect. Its about $300 USD. It has 1 mic input and 2 line inputs i think. It also comes with Pro Tools LE so you can record edit and bounce your tracks. Pro Tools can handle up to 48 mono tracks or 24 stereo plus Digidesign has just released Pro Tools 8 which has newer features. Check it out at http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Digidesign-Mbox-2-Mini-?sku=700498