The light in the distence beckons my name,
The futile resistence, its sight in my aim,

the grey clouds do lower as the mountains grow large,
theres no stopping me possesed as i am,

death from above
as fire rains down,
we cannot be stoped,
this is our ground,

we tread through the marsh while darkness still beckons
tho we carry on through shadows through sorrows,

we rise through the clouds our goal ever closer,
we fight through with swords, shining with glory,


Finnaly were here are goal about reached ,
reign of fire ended were on our knees,

The reapers are gone death has been ended,
no one else left,
bez this is our ground

Last edited by dman3011 at Jan 15, 2009,
i find "stomp" to be a very 'icky' word to use, especially in metal. if i were you, id say "we tread the marshes...".

what do you mean by "death has been ended"? its a bit of a random line IMP. if you meant youve survived, id say something like "death has been endured".

what did you invisage this sounding like? black tide? metallica?
yeah, i can see it working in that case. if it were something more reliant on complex lyrical and rhyme structures and heavily enunciated vocals, such as whitesnake etc, i would consider being a bit more, (no pun) 'lyrical', using some more complex words.

dont get me wrong, for that kinda scene youve got some good solid lyrics there. you can probably get a lotta aggression into D and G words, in proper 'tallica style lol. hope i helped.