Ello there guys,
I'm having a bit of trouble choosing a new amp. The candidates are:

1. Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60
2. Fender FM212 R
3. Orange CR 30 R Crush

I know there is a bit of a difference in price, but it's all about the sound for me. I'm currently playing a Marshall MG 30 DFX, but seeing that over the past year my musical preference has shifted towards bluesrock, punk and alternative I'd like a change of amp. But which one to take? A good clean is essential, and preferably a warm distortion.

Thanks in advance
Style of music?
Do you ever play with a drummer?
What kind of guitar are you using?
Used ok? If so, what major city do you live near?
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
Hehe I missed out on some info I guess :P
I'm playing an Ibanez but soon to be Gretsch G 5124, I play often with my band (that's including a drummer), we play a weird mix of Arctic Monkeys/Pink Floyd, with a touch of Radiohead. Budget is about $400-$450...and I live near Amsterdam :P
H&K is the way to go. The clean is fantastic in that amp, and as the distorsion is also very good. Still for me the best feature is the clean sound and also it likes pedals.