I just finished this song as an experminent in alternate tunings. It's fairly upbeat in some parts and it's the most frequently I've changed time signatures. Some of the parts sound a bit more awkard than they did when I first finished it but whatever, it's subject to change. It seems as though it's a tad on the short side but again, not important. The tuning is A-A-D-A-G-A just in case you don't notice it and care.
cvx 311.zip
i didnt think it was too short actually, just right.
it was defiantly interesting to say the least! i really liked the originality as well, this is the sort of music id never write and i really like seeing the different ways people put music together, i can learn a lot from this!
i really enjoyed this and although the time sigs do sound awkward at times i thought it worked overall.
i especially liked the verses and outro, they sounded really good. the only criticism i have really is that theres one chorus and it didnt really feel much like a chorus to me