hi guys, this is a question about multi effects processors that i can't seem to find the answer to. Do they need an amp before they go to a speaker? Because i see the guitar input and the thing has amp modelling capabilities but I still hear about people plugging it into and amp as well.

I know that the line 6 pods are amplifiers modelers but what about the multi effects processors like the digitech 350? Do they have an in built amp modeller as well?


EDIT:Also would you recommend the line 6 pod or the digitech 350/550? Boss seems a little too complicated for me.
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well.. there are multi effect units that work essentially like a preamp, but you'd still want a poweramp to drive the speaker.
There are two main parts to a typical guitar amplifier - the preamp, which is what gives the amp its signature sound, and the power amp, which raises the signal up loud enough to drive a speaker. MultiFX pedals may (or may not) have amp modelling, but that means PREAMP modelling. You still need a poweramp to hear anything. This means you can either plug it into a typical amp through the input jack (in which case you would techinically be running through 2 preamps...the modelled one and then the real one...but it doesn't reallly matter) or through the power amp in jack (which is better, as this way you'll hear just the modelled preamp without the added effect of the amp's preamp as well)

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An amp modeler doesn't have a power-amp, the thing that powers the speakers, just pre-amps that mimic certain amps. You can either use an amp with an external input, or through its normal input on a clean channel. Or you can get a power-amp and some speakers and used the pedal to produce the tone.

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If you want to, you can go straight from a multi-FX processor that has amp models, directly into a PA system. Thats essentially what the POD Live is built for. A lot of people prefer to go through a real amp though, to get that proper tone.

I personally think that a multi FX processor should be chosen purely on FX, rather than amp models. You should choose an amp which you like the sound of, rather than try and get a pedal which emulates it
Ok, so would you recommend the line 6 pod or the digitech 350/550? Boss seems a little too complicated for me.
what about the Boss ME-50 or Boss GT-8 can i hook them right up to my amp or not
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