Poll: Have you gotten the tone in your head?
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Yes, I'm now content
9 25%
No, But I'm trying to get there
20 56%
I don't think it's possible
6 17%
I found it, and got tired of it, so i'm looking for a new one
1 3%
Voters: 36.
It seems like everyone here is chasing the tone in their head
Has anyone hear acheived it?
If so, what gear did it take/How much did it end up costing you?
If you havent gotten yours yet, whats it like?
are you close?

Just wondering how much of a success weve been as a forum helping people out
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be the music, not the scene
I found it and couldn't afford it. A good while in a music store accomplished that.

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Quote by Mostly Harmless
I found it and couldn't afford it. A good while in a music store accomplished that.

What was it?
Quote by guitardude34875
be the music, not the scene
tone is in your head. it comes from your fingers. not your gear
Haven't found it yet, but I'm pretty sure how to get it. I just don't have the money, and time to piece it together.

EDIT: I think a combination of a Peavey 6505 and either a Mesa Dual Recto or a Krank Revolution would give me the basic tone, then I'd use my current ML and maybe a JP7.

I'd scoop the mid a bit on the Dual Recto or Revolution to get the highs and a tight low, then boost the mids a touch with the 6505, almost like the Machine Head tone. I like a tight low end, and percussive mids. That should do it, but I don't 7 grand to get that stuff.
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Quote by emich
tone is in your head. it comes from your fingers. not your gear

well gear is a part of the process too
theres a reason everyone doesnt get a squier starter pack and stick with it forever
Quote by guitardude34875
be the music, not the scene
I've found a perfect rock tone in a Traynor YCV50BLUE but that's like $900 and I'm poor. I'm still trying to find that perfect metal tone that I want and i've tried some randalls that came close to the sound but not close enough.
I leik music
For those of you that have it/have palyed it,
How much would you have had to spend to get it?
Quote by guitardude34875
be the music, not the scene
I have the guitar and the pedals I want for my sound, I just need a tube amp to close the deal. My amp right now is pretty poor/average but when I play it through a nice Fender tube my dreams come true:

Les Paul $700
TS9 Tubescreamer $80
Crybaby Wah $40
MXR Carbon Copy Delay $135
+ Fender Blues Jr $480 (soon to come)

Total = $1435
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Some sort of muff/dist/overdrive for bass... Cheap...

Bass big muff.
Guitar big muff (US?)
Boss ODB-3
Ibanez PD-7
Zoom BX1 cheap-as-hell multi-fx with wah pedal. Good value for money, but apparently the dist sounds crap.

I haven't tested any of these out in person. Probably my next step.
Ive almost found mine. I know i love solid state and dont like tubes. I USE A BOSS METAL ZONE PEDAL and im proud to say i love it. It cost me alot on guitars figuring out what i like. I hate emgs. I love passive pickups. I play hard rock and metal and surprisingly my fav guitar is my epiphone g 400 sg. It cost me $500 for my half stack, $320 for an extra cab, $100 for my boss metal zone, $130 for my EVH phase 90, $120 for my 3 monster cables, and $400 for my epiphone g 400. im also fond of my $550 Alexi-200 by ltd and plan to buy another ltd.
i have $2120 wrapped up in my ideal set up.

in the process though, i spent $200 on a boss me 20, $40 on a boss DS1, $300 on a bc rich warlock NJ series with tremolo[used], $550 on a epiphone futura prophecy [that i never play anymore], $100 for a ibanez weeping demon, and $500 on a line 6 spider 3 amplifier.

$3810 was my final total. damn, reflecting on this, i jus noticed i could of bought a nice used car...
Crunchy tube distortion, cleans good enough for country, and dirt good enough for blues rock.

Found it with my Blackheart Little Giant.

Ok, well the cleans aren't the best in the world, but they're still really nice compared to the sound of my old amp.
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I know what it is, nobody has made it though.

A distortion/overdrive that can get as edgy as a Big Muff and clear as a TS9, provide just some tubelike growl and OD, but also distort to the same point as a Big Muff can.

The actual tone n my head is much closer to a Tubescreamer though. I could probably get it with enough EQ fiddling, but I'm a lazy bastard, and I stick by it.

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Best tone for me would be (cheapest way):

Mesa Boogie TriAxis
TC Electronics G-Major
Mesa Boogie 50/50

however, its like 2000 U$S

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I think I've finally got it, but in a month I might think otherwise. My tone is like a little bit heavier slash tone. Got it through my gibson sg + peavey 5150 II. I just bought a dave mustaine signature guitar and I'd love to hear it on these settings once it comes in
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