Im looking at either the LTD MH-400 with emg pickups, no tremolo, or an LTD MH-1000 with Seymour Duncan pickups?

I play hard rock and metal.

Which guitar is better? Which pickup is better? Whats the difference in the 2 guitars other than pickups?
i'd take the duncan's over emg's any day. much more versatile and the 57 will destroy any active pickup on cleans. the jb has a really good response to the volume knob, the best i've ever personally used in that respect. distorts quite nice, but it doesn't QUITE scream like an active will.

only reason i took that combo out of my jackson is that i already have a les paul with paf's, i wanted something with more bite in the soloist. and obviously the 1000 series guitar is going to be higher quality than the 400. if you can afford it, i'd DEFINITELY go with the mh-1000
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the Jb kinda sounds like a stereotypical hair metal distorted sound.

'59 kinda sounds like a lower output, paf-style pickup, but with slightly harder edges than you might expect for a vintage output pickup.
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