I just bought a slide yesterday, so I'm just starting. I'm using an acoustic, in open E. I could use an electric in the same if i had too. But how can i make so that it doesn't sound so messy? I will have picked a note last measure, changed strings and slid up and that other string will ring out again. Should I lift up the slide then put it back down? or what?
also, what would be some good things to learn as a slide beginner, songs, licks, whatever. would a different tuning be better? thanks
the action is the best i've played, on the electric, its pretty low and i'm not changing it. on the acoustic its low, but not as low as the electric is
Mute the string you picked last measure. If it's still vibrating when you put the slide down it'll ring out.
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Perhaps use your ring finger for the slide and index and middle to mute behind. Thats for sloppiness as such, the other would be to get the slide as straight as possible or in line if you plaing a chord form with it ( say starting on B string, 10th, 11th and 12th to make a a D major chord) and it takes longer than a day, but thats to work towards.

Hope it helped, good luck
i just now got finished watching the basics of slide guitar over at http://www.freeguitarvideos.com/ and it sounds just like something you're looking for... You kind rest your thumb on the 4,5,6 string while index middle and ring are on 1,2,3 string and they stay on the strings, you pluck then mute it again when you move with the designated finger... pretty insightful video.
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Hope these help... I don't think this thread is needed anymore, so,

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