im trying to remember, i pushed it into google but nothing came up

what is the name of the x-files episode where there is this old indian man who has no legs and is in a wheelchair? i forget the plot but i remember the guy

and ideas on what episode that was?
I'm pretty sure he turns up multiple times in the whole story.

About 10-20 episodes, out of 9 serieses.

Be more spesific?
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fkn love x files

but i cant help =[
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You'll need to be a bit more specific :p

There's lots of episodes like that.

lol really? ok, umm, i remember in the beginning, theres this white guy in a bathroom, i think in indian, and he thinks the wheelchair guy is trying to sell him something, then i guess the wheelchair guy kills him

later in the episode, someone falls in a swimming pool and they somehow see the indian wheelchair guy in the pool. that part scared the **** out of me becuase i was prolly 8 at the time
I only watched the X-files once and a butcher named Dave (which is also my name) got a large knife in the forehead. I never watched it again (I was like, 7).
It's in the 8th season.

Edit: Badlaa
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use imdb.com and look it up there. they probably have all the episodes and a summary of what happens.
yup badlaa...that episode freaked me out

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