Sup you guitar gurus. I know you have had a lot of time modding guitars and I was wondering if there was a way to put a floyd rose into a guitar with no tremolo without ruining the guitar. I have a Schecter damien special edition (greatest guitar brand ever) and I dont want to ruin it but I would kill to have a floyd rose on it. So what do you guys think?
Define "ruin it." If you mean permanently alter it, then no, there's no way it can be done. There's a significant amount of routing that needs to be done to add an FR.

EDIT: Can't that guitar be bought with an FR already in it?
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yep ,FR needs more space, maybe a Kahler bridge?
Its cheaper and easier to just buy a guitar with a double locking vibrato on.

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Sorry, I tried searchbar'ing it and I didn't find anything (I must have missed a thread). They can but I already bought mine and I was hoping that if it wasn't too expensive I could do it myself (or get some help). There is one with a FR in it and I might get that one. btw What exactly is a Khaler bridge?
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just look around for this. they are quite rare but require no mods and will fit onto most all guitars with TOM bridges.
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