I hope I'm asking the right place. I know I should've done this long ago, but I didn't. I basically need to know some new scales apart from pentatonic. It would be helpful, also, to tell me what music you generally hear the scale played the most in, like

pentatonic- blues, classic rock.

I tried the internet, but all it gave me was scale locations, and I figure it's pretty useless to know something without being able to put it onto practice. I have a year and a half of experience, so I'm not completely lost.
The easiest way to learn new scales is to find out their formula in relation to the basic major scale, construct chords from them and jam over them.
Usually it helps to add a little of the native style when using them, adding more glissando and grace notes to easternish scales.
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Well, if you're at all intrested in theory, you should learn the major scale. It's more or less the basis of most music theory. When you know it, you'll be able to quite simply utilize it to play modes of it, which in essence gives you 8 different scales using the same notes (and hence the same patterns over the neck), only the tonal center is shifting. Anyway, I won't go into modes much as there's many good threads on that already and I suck at explaining it.

Even if you're not intrested in theory, you still ought to learn it though. As for what it's used in, well, just about anything.

EDIT: this was assuming you don't know the major scale obviously, since you stated that you only know a pentatonic scale
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