When I sit and play, I'm fine, and when I stand with my strap holding my guitar high, I do fine. But when I try and play with my guitar hanging real low, like most metal guitarists, it really effects my playing. When playing that low is there a certain low you should go? Any tips on how I should have my standing posture?

Also, i have heard you can play angling your pick up or down, but I have seen few people angle it up, which is what I do. Should I try to convert to angling it down, and how? Thank you.
mayb ur not the type that plays low look at tom morrello
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Its all about comfort when you play. Just play the way thats most fitting for you. Maybe playing low isnt for you.
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The higher your guitar, the more strain on your back
The lower the guitar, the more strain on your hand/arm/fingers.

Start by playing as high as you can play at almost best, and when you're as good as ever, more down a bit more, and repeat.
How about not hanging your guitar low just to look cool

If you can't play with it low, don't hang it low. If you it's comfortable to play high, play high.
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I can't think of any techinical players that play with their guitars really low. Only people that play alot of power chords. I play with my guitar strapped up fairly high. It's just alot easier.
Alright, yeah I have been checking out those guitarists. But what about the pick thing. Is there any benefit to which way you tilt it? Perhaps palm mutes or something?
Try having your guitar at a height where... if you raise your hand to the neck with your index finger on the 12th fret, your forearm is parallel to the ground. I find that a decent rule of thumb.
Hey man - about hanging the guitar. It depends on what you're going to play. So people like Petrucci and Satriani have their guitars up their throats - it's because of what they play. Steve Vai for instance is a bit more... 'hardrock' oriented and his is way lower already, then when you switch to people who actually play baseball position all the time (with the hand around the neck) they have it way low. Jimmy Page Style. Simply because this style of playing allows this.

So if you play insane arpeggios with 6-frets jumps/legato everywhere, it should be higher than when you play classic rock. Yea.

Also no-one should bitch about choosing the guitar height because of the way it looks, because it's a valid reason. As a live guitarist you're as much a showman as a musician.

That said, you can simply start with it fairly high and move it an inch lower when you're comfortable there. This really helps alot already.

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play wherever is comfortable.

my guitar is around waist level and it's fine. any lower and my lead work pales in comparison, any hgiher and the height bothers my left arm with the angle i needa put it at
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