Hey all, Never used this before and im hoping sum1 can help me out.

I have been given an ibanez sr 300 dx bass. Now theres alot of bow on the neck, too much when the strings are tuned, the neck is straight when the strings are loosened. I decided to take this on as a project

Upon starting I noticed straight away that the bearings in the whole where the alan key goes was quite worn.

When I tried to relieve the bow on the neck, this top piece I have been moving came off. Its about one inch long, the alan key inserts at the top and the bottom screws onto the truss rod.

This is an image of what the truss and this piece look like, It is not the actual guitar.

At the moment I have open the fret so is resembles this, This not the guitar.

At this point I am not sure what the problem is.

Any help here would be hugely appreatiated.

An1 know know where i could pick up the metal piece that screws onto the truss too move it?