I am wanting to build a studio mostly for guitar, but also for drums and vocals. I would like to know exactly what I need as far as software and hardware and what is recommended. Assume that I am starting from scratch, only with 2 apple computers, 1 macbook pro, and 1 mac pro with 30 inch lcd monitor. What would I need and what are their purposes? For a price range, I could go up to $3000 initially but as a project I don't really see a budget if I just keep adding bits and pieces. I want to eventually be able to rent it out for a small fee so I wouldn't mind it being a bit more on the professional side (pro tools more than likely). I already have my drums mic'd so I wouldn't need much else for them other than software. A mixer is a must because I want to have multiple instruments. Thanks guys.
I'd recommend spending the $3000 on acoustic treatment for your rooms, then get equipment later. Or spend at least some of it on treating your room.

Then look at getting a firewire interface for you MBP, some microphones, some software such as Logic, maybe a control surfice for your software, which will give you a more hand-on feel to mixing. Going down the pro-tools route is expensive, and people say Logic is as good as most PT versions, other than the full version.
Spend about 500$ doing room treatment, spend about 500-1000$ on monitors.

That leaves us at about 1500$ for stuff.

Get a firepod for 400$
Get 3 SM57's for 300$
Get a Beta 52 or Audix D6 for about 150$
Get Rode NT5's/Shure SM 81's/Cascade Fatheads (get a pair) 300$-600$
Get a Shure SM7b or RE20 200$-300$

All this will get you great sounds, assuming you know what you're doing. 57's for guitars, snares, toms, vocals, anything almost. The Beta 52 or Audix D6 is for a kick mic and possibly bass amp mic. The NT5's/SM81's are for Drum overheads, acoustic guitar, and other percussion. The SM7B will be mainly for vocals, but have been known to be on snare or kick or anything else really.
Firstly take a look at my post https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1043588

About the room treatment, are you at your own house with no real prospects of moving soon or are you renting/living with your parents and moving around a bit. If you are... its not really feasible to spend heaps of money on a room you won't be in for a while. Apart from that llanafreak is pretty on the ball.. with most of it, i wouldnt personally recommend the sm57 for vocals, a Large Diaphragm Condenser would be better, at4040 is a pretty workhorse one or for a more vintage sound the mxl v67i ... or is it 69... eh its green and gold and is pretty damn cheap for a pretty damn good mic.

AKG D112 is another kick mic you could use. DON'T FORGET HEADPHONES OR MONITORS!
I can't stress the importance of ATLEAST the monitors. KRK's are great.
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