I only get buzz when i play my A string open. I just tried taking the string off and then putting it back on. But alas, the buzz remains . None of the other frets. None of the other strings. Its a Squier P-Bass. Help?
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raise the action like he said and then put a little chapstick round the nut with a toothpick it will help out a bit

Read the FAQ--it sounds like you need a setup done. Did you recently change strings or move your bass from an area that was warm to cold or visa versa?
Actually this buzz has been around for quite a while, since the last time i changed my strings which was i believe around a year ago. I just never really got around to asking about it until now.
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I really ought to get my username changed...
is the string vibrating against the nut?
if so you can either wrap the string lower on the tuning peg, ort buy another string tee to put more pressure on the nut.

This used to happen to my jazz.

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hold the string down on the headstock side of the nut. then hit the open A. does it still buzz? if so then it's vibrating against the nut and others here can help. good suggestions above so far. If the buzz doesn't go away just get your bass set up.

Also, i have a similiar problem on one of my basses. A string even. It's actually the tuning peg/assembly that buzzes. If i tighten the screw on the back side it goes away til the screw comes loose again. if i used locktite it'd probably stay. to check for this hold onto the tuning assembly(back and front) tightly and hit the A string. if no buzz then it's the tuner assembly.
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I had this for a while, because I bought ighter gauge strings, so it buzzed in the nut, I reset the intonation last night (for the first time on my own whooooooo!) and now, no more buzz.
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