Hi ive recived a great Accoustic Guitar for my birthday and i love that! Now im searching for begginers song to play!

Thank you to helping me!
You could try learning basic chords and scales if you'd like. I started with electric, so I'm a bit different, I started with riffs. You could try the first few minutes of Dueling Banjos or something, I don't know.
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Erotomania by Dream Theater! no seriously though you should learn some basic chords and I think Smells Like Teen Spirit is really easy, like the 2nd song I ever learned.
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Go learn all of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel...
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Just work on basic chords, scales, and strum patterns.

A good song to start on is Good Riddance by Green Day. Very easy, yet very nice sounding song.
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Try using the search function. There's literally a thread every few days requesting good beginner songs.
Horse With No Name by America would be a nice start, the first song I played.

Ahh memories, I remember when I was still struggling with chords, which I still am struggling
with today...

You can also try leaving on a jet plane
La Mar by The Beautiful Girls is a fun mellow one.
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