Sorry I know this is for topics unrelated to guitars but I'm not getting an answer to this in the guitar forum

This has never really bothered my until now when I've tried doing more advanced stuff. If I play a low note and let it ring, e.g. I just play an open E string, and then try and play a higher note, such as the B string, the E string will continue to resonate but the B won't come through until I mute the E string

They're EMG-HZ stock pickups, but I don't know much about pickups so can someone help me out? Is this just how guitars work, something to do with dominating frequencies or something, or are my pickups just crap?
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I had to have an EMG-HZ replaced on a guitar, although that wasn't the issue, it had permanent squealy feedback at high volumes.

HZ's are a pretty crappy pick-up set. I can't believe LTD used to sell them with their high end guitars.
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That's a problem more so with the amp I believe.
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Sounds to me like you need to adjust your EQ
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