ok so im a huge schecter fan, so when choosing an 09 guitar to buy of course i went to that. i own a few schecters, my favorite being the Hellraiser Avenger, so i really dont want a hellraiser, being as they all sound pretty much the same but just look different. i want something that is going to give me a different sound than anything i currently have. yet i want the same level of guitar as a hellraiser. im playing mostly melodic metal, so i want something aggressive, but not too aggressive.

that being said i have come to 3 choices:

the c-1 blackjack atx
the s-1 blackjack
and the third choice, wait till schecter releases whatever the hell they are releasing and get an 8 string.

my choice to make about the c-1 is the classic question. to floyd rose, or not to floyd rose. does anyone own one of these and know how the locks work on this model?

as for the s-1, the 22 frets feature is throwing me off, im a 24 kinda guy...is it worth the sacrifice?

and ive never played anything with more than 6 strings. opinions?

however, nothing is getting purchased until schecter releases the 09's....so im going to wait for those anyway. but feedback on the above 3 would be very much appreciated.
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I don't really care for the blackjacks, but 8 strings I think would be too much for me.
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you got big enough hands to wrap around that oar?

i think the idea sounds cool, i dont think it would benefit me to have 2 extra string that i cant even reach anyways.

maybe if i was gonna go tap crazy it could happen.
Well I'd go with a FR model,just because that's my personal preference.For me,switching from six strings to seven strings took about an hour of adjusting.Now that I'm used to the neck of a 7 string I find myself feeling that six strings are lacking and that they feel kinda tiny and weird.The extra strings are definitely worth it if you're going to use them,they add a lot more options to your music.Maybe a 7 string ATX model would be worth looking at if you decide to go that route? I'm not sure if they make a 7 string ATX with an FR bridge though.The 8 stinger is a hellraiser model I believe,not 100% on that though.

Edit: Extended string guitars aren't as hard to play on as you may think.I have ridiculously small hands and fingers and I can play on them as well as I can on a six.


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i have a schecter question also...
ive been thinking about getting the omen 6 or the blackhawk both for around 250-300$

or should i save up for a damien for about 450$
Schecter Synyster Custom, its amazing. i have it. but i wouldnt get the standard, i dont really like bolt on necks
um mabey u should get something outher then that brand..... u know to give urself diffrent sounds
if the atx is the one with the satin finish and ebony board I would definatly get that one. It has the most bang for your buck

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well as for the synyster custom, im a hugeeee a7x fan. warmness of the soul ep to diamonds in the rough, and gates on my list is second only to slash, but ive got a weird thing about customs, theyre cool to collect, but thats his guitar, and i kinda want my own if im going to play it on stage. plus id just have multiple orgasms everytime i played it, and you know, fun for me, but what would my band think. plus his model is pretty much a bolt on avenger with a FR and duncans instead of emgs.

thanks for the info on the 7/8 string. im not sure i need them, but im still thinking about that, and thats exactly what i was thinking: more options with music.

as for a different manufacturer, ive got 2 fenders, an ibanez, a fernandes, a first act (dont hate. hahah, everybody had to start with something), and 2 schecters. and i just love the sound i get out of the schecters, and i find theyve blown away everything else. just my opinion though, not ragging on the others or anything, everyone has their preference when it comes to sound, schecter is just mine.
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